A Day in the Park

Masjid-e-Umar Maktab strives to make learning fun, exciting and enjoyable for the children. 

The students had made a request to their Ustaadh, to organise a day of fun activities during the summer holidays. The teachers held a meeting a decided to fulfil the request of the students. The Maktab teachers had decided to take the children out to the park for a football match. 

Upon reaching the park, the four teachers split the Maktab students into 6 teams and held 3 matches together. Each teacher played on the same team as his students. 

Before returning to the Masjid two teachers had a small wrestling session, where the students joined in to help their own Ustaadh.

This was a simple day out which meant a lot to the students. It was a great team-building session and everyone had fun. The students bonded with each other and the teachers. 

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