Nazirah Khatam

Masjid-e-Umar, Cardiff encourages the youngsters and elders alike to complete Quraan, whether it be Hifdh, Nazirah or in Taraweeh. 

Nazirah Class pupils are encouraged to complete a Khatam of the Quraan with incentives, gifts, certificates and short reminders of the benefits of reading the Quraan by their teachers. 

Nazirah classes are run to ensure we have pupils who read the Quraan, help each other, complete the Quraan and graduate together.

Each year during the month of Ramadhan the Maktab will produce a document listing the names of the graduates that year.


Click on the year below to see which pupils have graduated in that year.

Nazirah Class Graduates - 2016

Ruqya & Hijama service in South Wales. Treating sickness by means of the noble Qur'an.