Maktab Syllabus

Our syllabus is based around the "Gift for Muslims"​ book written by Maulana Mohammad Asad, Walsall, UK.

This book covers all of the basics in Aqaa'id, Dua's, Seerah, Fiqh, Tajweed, Etiquettes and Ahadeeth.

The book is colour-coded according to the level of difficulty and includes links with PSHE, CITIZENSHIP, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) & SHARED VALUES in the National Curriculum.

The "Gift for Muslims" book has been endorsed by scholars, school inspectors and the education secretary of MCB. Each of them listed below:

  • Shaykh Qari Yusuf Abdullah Darwan (Hafidhahullah) - Teacher of Ahadeeth, Jamia Talimul Islam, Dewsbury, UK
  • Mufti Moosa Bin Ahmad Badat (Hafidhahullah) - Teacher of Ahadeeth, Jamia Talimul Islam, Dewsbury, UK and Head of Majlis-e-mahmoodia, Batley, UK

  • Imam Shaykh Qari Mohammad Ismail (Hafidhahullah) - Education Consultant, School Inspector, Khateeb at Birmingham Central Mosque and Muslim Chaplain at the University of Sheffield 

  • Ashfaque Chowdhury - School Inspector, Chairman of Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS UK) and Head Teacher of Al-Hikmah Secondary School and Bury Park Educational Institute, Luton

  • Shabnam Khan - Education Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Executive Director of Education & Support Services V.I.P Minds CIC

Ruqya & Hijama service in South Wales. Treating sickness by means of the noble Qur'an.