Masjid-e-Umar has hosted a number of lecture, reminders, naat and qiraat events. 

Some of the programmes and guests we have been honoured to host include:​

  • Mufti Abdul Kaader Hoosen (Vice Principal of Darul Uloom Newcastle in South Africa)

A Night with the Quraan
  • Qari Muhammad Ayyub Asif (World Famous Quraan Recitor) ---> To view Qari Ayyub Asif at Masjid-e-Umar, click here.

  • Qari Ridha Jumuah Mansoor (World Famous Quraan Recitor from Egypt)

Naat Programme
  • Qari Asif Rasheedi (World Famous Naat Recitor from Pakistan)

  • Mufti Bilal Syed - To view Mufti Bilal's Naat at Masjid-e-Umar, click here!

1st Annual Youth Conference - Taqwa
  • Shaykh Abdul Majid Iltaf (Crawley)

  • Shaykh Nagib Khan (Quran Academy, Bristol)

  • Shaykh Hassan Ali (Safar Academy, London)

Obediance to the Messenger (SAW)
  • Shaykh Ahmed Ali (Al Azhar University Graduate from Bradford, UK)

Unity in the Ummah (Urdu)
  • Mufti Abdul Wahhab (Iqra TV)

The Fiqh of Janaza

Masjid Umar presents:


Delivered by Mufti Tariq Sahib (Imaam of Masjid Uthmaan, Cardiff)

Do we know the rights of the deceased?

  • 💦  Ghusl

  • 🛐  Salah Al Janaza 

  • ⚰  Kafan (for Men & Women)

  • 👏🏼  Burial & Duas

  • ✍🏽  Legal implications & Advice

This course will cover the rules of how to deal with the deceased and burial followed by question & answer session.

🗓Date: Sunday 19th February 2017

🕓Time: After 'Asr Salah (4.15pm)

🕌Venue: Masjid Umar, Roath

Open to Brothers and Sisters (Separate facilities and live demonstrations via video streaming provided)

Nur Al Huda Project 

Masjid Umar presents: The Nur Al Huda Project

Nur Al Huda Project consists of Ladies Quran classes for all Tajweed levels

Join our open day on Sunday 24th September between 2.30pm and 5.30pm to meet the teacher and assess your Tajweed level. Open day is open for all women who wish to learn more about the project. 

Please refrain from bringing young children to the open day as it may interfere with assessments etc

These classes will be taught by a qualified teacher, Shaykha Dina Essam Al Azhari who holds an Ijaza in 10 Qira'at.

Classes will run on Tuesdays and Sundays as of the beginning of October in Shaa Allah.

The project also caters for Fiqh and Tafseer lessons.

An Evening at Masjid Umar

Two lectures dealing with the scenes of joy and regret on the day of judgement delivered by Shaykh Ali Hammuda and Shaykh Sufyan Iqbal

The Importance of Sadaqah 


The Importance of Sadaqah!

Featuring World Renowned Reciter and Special Guest Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri

Friday 30th March 2018

Ladies facilities also available

In aid of our brothers and sisters in Ghouta


Ruqya & Hijama service in South Wales. Treating sickness by means of the noble Qur'an.